About the congress

Excellent speakers, great topics


Vienna House Andel’s Prague Hotel
Stroupežnického 21
150 00 Prague 5 – Smíchov


Friday – Saturday
11th – 12th February 2022


World-renowned experts together in Prague!

We cordially invite you to a two-day congress with famous speakers. The whole congress will be led by prof. René Foltán as a scientific moderator. You can look forward to lectures by prof. Istavan Urban, who is world famous for his procedures of vertical and horizontal augmentation, prof. Nitzan Bichacho and Dr. Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya, experts in prosthetics with a high demand for aesthetics, and two experienced lecturers prof. René Foltán and Dr. Christos Tsamis.

We are also preparing an evening event with a unique Prague Cello Quartet. After a dinner, the four cellists will perform with both modern arrangements of classical compositions and well-known film melodies. We also invite your accompaniment to the evening part of the program!

Do not miss this unique opportunity to meet the renowned experts for the first time together in Prague, enjoy great meal and have a great evening with colleagues and the Prague Cello Quartet.

Evening event with the unique Prague Cello Quartet

Block of lectures will be end with a joint dinner, after which we cordially invite you to concert of four cellists - Prague Cello Quartet. You can look forward to both modern modifications classical compositions, as well as well-known film melodies. Listen to a small teaser or visit their site for more information.